The Chitins

Chitins (also derogatory slanged as “Clicks”, “Ticks” and “Chiggers”) come from a low gravity system. There are half dozen habitable bodies in the system. It would seem that somewhere in the distant past, a very large planet exploded. A few centuries in the aftermath, a series of irregular ‘planets’ coalesced and now orbit the star. The planet exploded while it was inhabited by various life forms but after the cataclysm, only the most hardy insects, scurried in the depths survived. Over the eons, different species of insect became the dominant species on each of the planets. At a certain point, each species became aware of one another and formed a coalition. With each other’s help, they managed to become a star faring race.

They were quite happy remaining in their own system but soon the Terran/Repti war spilled over into it. Mistaken for simply large, dumb insects, the Chitins were all but ignored – destroyed when it was dictated. As they only communicated via clicks, their sentience wasn’t realized until June 30th, 2245. This was the date that the Chitins launched an all out attack upon both races and all but obliterated their military strength. They won by sheer numbers, overwhelming each side like a plague. In fact, June 30th is now known as Plague Day amongst the Terrans. The Chitins then reigned in their military and told the two races to ‘play nice’ and, to make certain of it, they would keep a watch on them – making sure that neither race progressed militarily enough to be a threat to each other nor the Chitins.

The Chitins come in 6 variety of Chitin (to be decided upon later). For the most part, the Chitins stay away from the other two races as the planets they inhabit are usually to high of a gravity to be comfortable for them. When they are needed to be in such places, they will inevitably be within robotic bodies to help support their weight as well as be my physically defended. In fact, the Chitins are experts in robotics, using such droids as their ‘arms and eyes’ within the galaxy.


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