First Contact

The first time that the Repti and humans encountered each other was in the Ceribus system. A human scout ship was exploring the area, seeing the potential for colonization of the system when a Repti ship entered the area as well. Perhaps because the scout ship was unarmed, the first contact was not a bloody one. The Repti were able to make contact with the human ship and although they couldn’t understand one another in any form, they ‘communicated’ with one another for an hour or so before they went their separate ways. Within the logs, scientists were able to begin to decipher each other’s most basic language idioms and within a couple of months, a probe from the humans was sent to Ceribus system with an invitation to a meeting to be held on Ceribus 4 in six months time. The Repti accepted.

Ceribus 4 was luckily the ideal planet to meet on. It was a little warm for humans, a little cold for Repti but both were able to function well enough. The meeting lasted nearly a week as each side began to try increase communication skills and learn more about each other. Each race gave the other a database of their species for further analysis when they returned to their home systems. They came to the consensus that an actual alliance should wait a year to be discussed after they had more time to learn about the other before committing to anything but they left on amicable terms.

The War

Unfortunately, space is a big place and although news about the aliens was spread by both sides, it either didn’t reach everyone or sometimes the stories and rumors about each other were inflated. So when a now armed human scout ship for a corporate mining company came across a similar ship of the Repti in an asteroid field rich in precious metals, the meeting didn’t go very well. Only the crews of those ships knew really what happened there, and even then accounts varied on each side and amongst the same crew. The end result was that both ships were damaged in a firefight, suffering losses on each side.

Although attempts were made to salvage relations, the fear and war mongers on both sides began their campaign of hate against one another. While the politicians were trying to make peace between the two races, the ‘common folk’ weren’t hearing of it and one side’s investigation of a planet for a possible invasion force became the other side’s scouting mission for an invasion force. It didn’t take long for ill informed people with big weapons to start the war. And soon, even the politicians gave up hope.

The war lasted for nearly two decades. Each side would not be content until the other was fully crushed and under control. Somewhere around the fifteenth year, the Repti went to the far off Dendal system to set up a command base to watch their flank. The humans responded by setting up their own base in the neighboring Constance system to watch the other’s base. Unbeknownst to either side, the ‘vermin’ that they eradicated on those planets were Chitin settlers. When the Chitin sent ships to investigate what happened to them, each side thought it was a new spy drone from their enemies and quickly destroyed them. Again, the Chitin sent ships, this time broadcasting a message of peace. But their language was so alien and the frequency of their communications so high that each side again thought that the ships were some form of spy/jamming/attack craft and blew them up without hesitation.

The Chitin had enough. They summoned all of their forces and also spent the next five years creating an armada that could only be defined as ‘infinite’. Then, on what is now known as Plague Day, they launched their attack. Literally like a swarm of locusts, the Chitin spread into both territories, laying waste to anything that flew and dropping billions of robots and combat troops in their suits onto planets, annihilating their military powers. Their losses were high but by their sheer numbers, they did in a week what the Repti and humans were unable to do in two decades – they conquered the galaxy.

The Aftermath

Then, as quickly as they came, their armada departed. However, they left behind ‘control units’ that became small bases upon many occupied planets. There, they finally broadcasted their message. They were the Chitin. The Repti and humans were savages and for the betterment of all sentient life of the galaxy, they were going to make sure that they were the only real power in the universe. Needless to say, neither side was happy about this. As such, each side began their own guerrilla campaign against the Chitin. The control units were attacked and many were destroyed.

This brought back the armada and this time, their targets were more than military. They destroyed essential resources on each side. They then sent their second message. That although the destroyed resources would mean the eventual death of the races, they had only destroyed one type of resource on one side. That in order for one race to survive, they would need to work with the other. For example – almost all clean water in the Repti systems was polluted but it was left untouched in the human areas. Meanwhile, basic metals were irradiated beyond safe usages in the human domain but the mineral rich Repti were left unscathed.

Many people thought that it was foolish of the Chitin to do this as it would mean that both races would begin working together and would then combine their forces to overthrow the Chitin. Meanwhile others realized that without a strong military, neither side could simply take what they needed nor pose any real threat to the Chitin. But the Chitin weren’t interested in actually ruling the other races. They allowed them to develop their own governments and even enforcement agencies but, under their ‘guidance’, they made sure that any entity with power was comprised of members from both races.

Current Day

Now, merely a decade after Plague Day, the two races have developed a rudimentary, peaceful coalition. Although neither side really trusts the other, they have learned that in order to survive, they have to work together. There is still racism and there are flare ups that cause injury, destruction and death but each side has learned what they can get away with and for how long before the Chitin step in and clean things up. Although they try to stay out of things, Chitin are still seen from time to time in their robotic systems. They are overseers and only come forward when they need to. There are also still attacks upon Chitin installations and personnel however they tend to be small and mostly ineffective since they seem to be able to rebuild and restaff almost immediately.

Stellar Salvage

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